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Rob J Jensen

Yeah!  Thanks for the update.

Big screen Rome?  Huh.  I think I might prefer a few more small screen seasons -- like a remake of I CLAVDIVS, but continuing in the style of Rome (and by that, I of course mean all the gratuitous sex and violence).  


That reminds me. I think it's been long enough now to finally watch I CLAVDIVS.


Do the Mad Men Ken dolls come with cocktails, or maybe a bar set?


Not that I can tell. It's a great idea, though. Here's the pic that was going around: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_w9QgHP4SB2E/S6BHRshAA3I/AAAAAAAANqA/0eRjGdd-u2w/s800/MAD-MEN-BARBIE-DOLLS.jpg


You'd think they might have bothered to put a little meat on Joan's bones.  Ugh.


So good to have you back. Fringe is currently my most guilty pleasure. Caprica is a P.O.S. And "Treme?" I want HBO again. 

There are rumors also of a new BSG spin-off. SyFy can't let the franchise die. 

Finally - what's your verdict/take on V and Stargate Universe?

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